Research & Training

ELT is affiliate partner of Legal Metrology Research Institute of India (LMRII) for disseminating systematic education of Legal Metrology and Consumer Studies for empowering professionals, Industry, helping government agencies and its various stakeholders.

We regularly conducts Half day to full day workshops on;- "Legal Metrology: A Complete Understanding"

Deliverable under the Work Shop:-

  • Introduction about Legal Metrology.
  • Brief Overview of International Scenario on Legal Metrology.
  • Central Government & State Government:- Functions, Coordination, Enforcement & Powers under Legal Metrology.
  • Organisational Structure of Legal Metrology Department and its Powers.
  • Various kinds of Licenses under LM: its applicability, procedure & Other Aspects.
  • Various offences under LM and its Compounding.
  • Offences & Penalties under Legal Metrology.
  • Opportunity for Professionals Under Legal metrology.
  • FAQ's, and Interactive Question & Answers.

Who Should Attend this Seminar?

  • Professional- CA, CMA, CS, Lawyers, Advocates.
  • NGO;s working on consumer welfare.
  • Law Students.
  • Compliance manager of Company.
  • Business Owners.
  • Any stakeholder of Industry.

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